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Selamatkan 45 juta Anak Bangsa Dari Penyalahgunaan NARKOBA dan HIV/AIDS

ebuah bangsa akan hancur, jika generasi mudanya rusak. Generasi muda akan rusak, jika kita tidak mampu melakukan pengasuhan dan bimbingan dalam aspek spritual, nilai dan prilaku keagamaan yang setinggi-tingginya. Oleh karena itu kita berkewajiban untuk memberikan perlindungan dan menyelamatkan mereka dari hal-hal yang buruk antara lain dari bahaya penyalahgunaan narkoba.

Sejak dini generasi muda harus diberi pengetahuan tentang bahaya narkoba, sehingga mereka memiliki kemampuan menolak apabila diajak atau ditawari narkoba.

Negeri kita Indonesia pada saat ini memiliki tidak kurang dari 45 juta anak bangsa yang duduk di bangku pendidikan mulai Sekolah Dasar, SLTP, SLTA dan Perguruan Tinggi. Kelak
negeri ini akan berada di tangan mereka. SAVE YOUTH sebelum terlambat.


Youth& Drugs Abuse

From : UNODC

More people are abusing drugs today than in any other time in history, and many of those people are youth. The connection between youth and drug abuse raises several questions, like: Why are young people at risk of drug abuse? Why do young people use drugs? What is wrong with doing drugs when people have been doing them for centuries? We will try and answer some of these questions, but we need to start with the basics?
What are Drugs?

Understanding what drugs are is fundamental to understanding their potential abuse.

A psychoactive substance is something that people take to change the way they feel, think or behave. Some of these substances are called drugs, and others, like alcohol and tobacco, are considered dangerous but are not called drugs. The term drugs also covers a number of substances that must be used under medical supervision to treat illnesses.

For our purposes then, we will talk about drugs as those man-made or naturally occurring substances used without medical supervision basically to change the way a person feels, thinks or behaves so that they "can have fun."

In the past, most drugs were made from plants. That is, plants were grown and then converted into drugs such as coca paste, opium and marijuana. Over the years, these crude products were further processed to yield drugs like cocaine and heroin, and finally, in the 20th century, people found out how to make drugs from chemicals. These are called man-made, or synthetic, drugs and include speed, ecstasy, LSD, etc. These were initially manufactured for largely experimental reasons and only later were used for recreational purposes. Now, however, with the increased size and scope of the drug trade, people set out to invent drugs especially for recreational human consumption.

Designer drug cocktails appear and disappear with astonishing regularity. For the first time in human history, a whole industrial complex creates and produces drugs that are meant to be used outside and in defiance of social conventions for the sole purpose of ?having fun.?

What's Wrong with Drug Abuse?
Substance abuse has many negative physiological health effects, ranging from minor issues like digestion problems or respiratory infections, to potentially fatal diseases, like AIDS and hepatitis C. Of course, the effects depend on the drug and on the amount, method and frequency of use. Some drugs are very addictive, like heroin, while others are less so. But the upshot is that regular drug abuse or sustained exposure to a drug - even for a short period of time - can cause physiological dependence, which means that when the person stops taking drugs, he/she experiences physical withdrawal symptoms and a craving for the drug.

Drug abuse also causes brain damage. Again, depending on the drug, the strength and character of this damage varies. But one thing is clear, drug abuse affects the way the brain functions and alters its responses to the world. That is what psychoactive means, after all, something that acts on your brain. How drug abuse will affect your behaviour, actions, feelings and motivations is unpredictable. By meddling in the natural ways the brain functions, abusers exposes themselves to risks they may not even have imagined.

Finally, drug abuse damages the ability of people to act as free and conscious beings, capable of taking action to fulfill their needs. How free drug abusers are when they have no control over their actions or reactions is debatable. What is unarguable is that by giving in to bio-chemical processes that are deviant, a drug abuser loses what makes humans admirable and unique.

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